About Us

Vision & Mission


Bringing together and connecting Muslim women in Quebec under one platform to create a network of solidarity, to encourage their involvement as true representatives of the beauty of Islam and to foster understanding with the larger community of Quebecers.


The federation of Muslim women of Quebec strives to:

  • Create a network of muslim professionals
  • Enable an exemplary participation of Muslim women in the cultural, economic and social vitality of Quebec.
  • Advocate and defend the interests and rights of Muslim Women
  • Promote initiatives to increase awareness of Muslim women’s values and aspirations.
  • Create a network of solidarity with other women groups and social groups.

The Team

The Team:

We are a team of dedicated women from various backgrounds that want to showcase the beauty of the Muslim women in all sense of the word. We want to aspire the future generation of women to give their full potential in serving the Quebec community as a whole. Being an integral part of the Quebec society, we seek to reach out proactively in contributing positively in our society and communities. The Muslim women are great leaders, followers, and vital part to a successful and healthy society. We believe in our capabilities in producing exceptional care in whatever endeavour and in our richness of opinions. If you are interested to joining our venture of creativity and success, please do not hesitate to sign-up as a member to receive all our latest exciting news. If you have any questions, please contact us at ffmquebec@gmail.com

Contact Us

Please do not think twice to contact our lovely staff and tell them what comes to your mind at ffmquebec@gmail.com